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 What our customers are saying

“They actually work! Clothes are not only clean but feel a lot softer. They are also very economical as you can reuse them several times. Easier to use and store than bulky, messy laundy liquids. They don’t have a smell but could potentially smell very nice if you add essential oils. I definitely prefer them and will keep using the soapnut option”

Maria, Sydney

I have a landscape gardening company and have done some tests on the rinse water and have found it to be far better for the garden than anything else out there. I am encouraging my clients to use these for their washing and grey water for the garden.

Penny, Victoria

Thank you for the fast delivery and for giving me an easy green alternative when washing my clothes. The word is spreading and you are doing a great job!

Keira, Queensland

” The soapnuts leave my washing nice and clean and I feel so much better knowing that I’m not polluting the environment with chemicals”

Jeff, Sydney