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Is there anything more exciting than bringing home a brand new addition to your wardrobe? … Other than putting it on straight away and show-ponying around the house, thinking up excuses to show it off to the world?  (My kids and I are on the same page on this one). And why not I hear […]

  I find myself referring to kindness so frequently with the kids (who are fond of a bit of squabbling) that it’s starting to feel like a bit of a hollow word. Like so many words and phrases that get overused and we forget what they really mean. I mean really, why does a house like getting it on […]

Back in 2006 I heard about soapnuts from overseas and so set out to find out where I could buy them here in Australia. My search was fruitless and so I started investigating how I could introduce soapnuts to Australia. Many people seemed to be interested in reducing the level of toxins in their lives…surely I wasn’t […]

Our gorgeous, compassionate friends at foodwatershelter are doing an urgent campaign to ensure they can continue to support the education of the kids of Kesho Leo – the project in Tanzania. With rising costs in Tanzania, the drop in the value of the Aussie dollar this year and a decline in regular donations, they have […]

Welcome to our new site! Soap in a nutshell has been reborn as Planetkind. Check out our new USDA certified organic soapnuts and our new superfine soapnut powder in our gorgeous new branded packaging. We are excited about our new look and hope you are too! Bear with us while we get the site up […]


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