250g Extra fine Soapnut Powder

Provides approximately 25 laundry washes.


You won’t believe how fine our new Super-fine soapnut powder is! Unlike some alternative coarser soapnut powders, this new double refined powder will not leave a residue and works in even the coolest washes.

New Planetkind superfine soapnut powder is made from 100% sapindus mukorossi soapnut shells and packs a punch.

As it is so finely ground it covers a greater surface area of your wash-load. This means better absorption, better stain removing power and smaller quantities to get a great result.

Our Superfine soapnut powder is as versatile as DiCaprio: use it your laundry, for making deliciously natural hand and body scrubs, pet cleaning solutions, shaving foam (check out our recipes).

Want to know exactly what goes into your household products? You can now by using our superfine soapnut powder to replace many household/bathroom staples.