500g Organic Soapnut Shells

500g of soapnut shells and 1 washbag

Provides approximately 200 washes (at less than 10c per wash!)


You’ll be amazed at how far this 500g box of soapnuts goes.  Even if you do a wash-load every single day this will still last you more than 6 months.

But it’s much more diverse than just as a laundry cleaning solution: use these soapnuts to replace a whole host of cleaning products in your home. Make your own laundry liquid, cleaning spray, pet cleaning solution, natural garden pest deterrent…the list goes on and on!

For laundry simply pop a handful of the shells into the cotton bag provided and put into your washing machine before switching on. It couldn’t be easier.

And just in case you forget our beautifully redesigned boxes have full sets of instructions for the most common uses for these natural wonder.

Now it’s easy to be Planetkind!