What on earth is a Soapnut?

Well actually it’s not a nut at all (so all nut-allergy sufferers can read on).


The roots of this unassuming berry reach back thousands of years to the origins of Ayurvedic medicine.

It has been used to treat sensitive skin, eczema, hair and scalp problems, as a hair conditioner.  Its mild anti-bacterial and anti-microbial function have been used in Ayurveda to treat infections, and to help keep the scalp free from bacteria.

So why exactly are we using a berry for anything other than adding to our muesli?

Well this very special berry comes packed with an incredibly high natural level of saponin.

Saponins have been associated with all sorts of benefits from cholesterol reduction, to improved immune function but most of all they are associated with their lovely, natural, skin-friendly cleaning properties.

Planetkind organic soapnuts (or soap-berries to be technically correct) represent cleaning in its purest form.

They are perfect if you have sensitive skin, if you are mildly concerned about the level of toxins in your life or if you are interested in reducing your environmental footprint.

They are a completely sustainably produced , bio-degradable and compostable way of cleaning your laundry, your home, yourself, your jewellery, your pets, your contaminated soil…and just about anything really!

Oh and they actually work.

Planetkind soapnuts are available as either dried soapnut shells or pure extra-fine 100% soapnut powder.

How do they work?

As they contain the active natural washing ingredient saponin, when the soapnut or soapnut powder come in contact with water the saponin is released and suds are produced – these are excellent for cleaning laundry and leaving it beautifully soft.

They are especially good for colours: because they don’t contain any whiteners or brighteners your colours will stay coloured for longer. Just pop 6-8 shells into the cotton bag (provided) and place in your washing machine. The soapnut shells can be used for 4-6 consecutive loads (until the sheen on the shells starts to fade) and then disposed either in the compost bin or normal bin. Because the soap nuts leave your laundry so soft there is no need to include softeners.

Soapnut Powder works just like other laundry powder – pop it into the drawer of your front loader or add to top loaders after water and voila!…Clean, environmentally friendly laundry!

Finally because your laundry water will only contain pure natural ingredients compared to traditional detergents, it can much more usefully be reused as grey water to reduce water consumption (your garden and plants will thank you as well!)

Check out How To Use for much more information on how Planetkind soapnut products can work for you.

Using cloth nappies? We have a special section all for you!

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